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The Story Behind Claire McHardy

Claire was born in Aberdeen Scotland and was raised there for 6 years before making the move to Dubai UAE. She was coached by her Grandfather from an early age in the use of Photo and Video cameras, often on nature trails and family holidays. 

She got her first SLR from her father in 1998 and began shooting 35mm stills for her school news paper at sports events and special occasions. 

In her spare time she learned how to create and build objects in 3D, creating short animations and editing them together into video clips. 

On leaving school she joined the SAE institute in Dubai and purchased an HD Video Camera and Digital 35mm DSLR. Exceeding at all aspects of Video and Editing it was not long before she began working on small projects and delivering paid work to happy clients. 

With SAE behind her and qualifications under her belt she was recruited by a Dubai Production company. Flicker Show Productions L.L.C challenged her to Produce, Script, Shoot, Edit and Deliver full HD projects to high level clients. Claire learned how to work on Film Sets, Lighting Techniques, 4K Shooting and Editing using RED Cameras. 

While with the company she was the DOP for a film that would play at the opening of the Burj Khalifa Tower, was the official photographer for The Dubai Shopping Festivals and filmed multiple TVCs and Corporate videos. 

Claire gained a positive image within the industry and developed many good relationships with suppliers and clients. Through working hard and saving she was able to build up a collection of high quality equipment including the memorable 5D Mk2 DSLR. 

The 5D Mk2 revolutionised the way that small business were able to create high quality images using light weight, inexpensive gear.  

In 2012, Claire decided to leave Flicker Show Productions and begin her Freelance career. In partnership with Edward McHardy, The McHardy Group L.L.C was born followed by ClaireMcHardy.com

Claire McHardy.com was a way for Claire to become independent. She created a philosophy of providing the best work possible with competitive pricing. She worked with The British Council, French Council, Arabian Notions, Belhasa Group, Action Filmz and many more companies. Working as a DIT and Camera Asst she became skilled in the use of ARRI ALEXA and RED Epic Digital Film Cameras. 

With the workload increasing Claire required help handling her projects so she teamed up with producer Marianne Gladwin.

Marianne Gladwin was able to handle the ever increasing Production challenges within the company. Since forming the alliance, Marianne and Claire have been able to work on some fantastic projects. The combination of their many years of experience produced the kind of work Claire had been striving to achieve. 

Claire recently worked on Master Chef Arabia. Filmed and Photographed multiple Royal weddings. Created content for Abu Dhabi University, Diners Club Card, Cavali Club, Maserati, Ferrari, Baker Hughes, UM Mena and Coca-Cola. Using Multi Cam technology Claire and Marianne created a live video recording during the opening of The Galleria Shopping Mall in Abu Dhabi and much more. 

Claire recently purchased the popular Canon C100 Camera, filmed beautiful slow motion footage with the Sony FS700 and completed multiple green screen shoots using the Red Epic. With new and exciting equipment being used and purchased daily. 

The future looks bright and full of challenges but through working with the right talent Claire hopes to achieve bigger and better things. Every day she works towards becoming a master DOP within the MENA Region. 

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